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Anyone taken Sulphasalazine and Humira when pregnant?

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BingThing Mon 01-Aug-16 22:48:49

I'm currently taking 6 sulphasalazine per day and on Humira injection for psoriatic arthritis. Just found out I'm pregnant and feeling really scared and confused. Rhuemo has advised ok to take both drugs until second trimester and obvs i dont want to risk a flare up because I have 6 yo and 4 yo to look after! But i feel so guilty taking the drugs when pregnant. I'm also petrified of the preg making arthritis worse and the humira no longer working as a result. Arthritis was massively worse after 2nd baby, does it get successively worse after each baby?? Humira is an amazing drug and I've been pain free for 3 years - the thought of going back to being in pain and having a new baby scares me. Anyone experienced any of this who can offer any advice??

timeforabrewnow Mon 01-Aug-16 22:55:27

Ive got rheumatoid arthritis but found that during pregnancy symptoms were a lot better- afterwards - not so great, but went back onto meds right away.

On methotrexate- so not sure about humira. Sulphasazine didn't work for me anyway.

Cakesandbakes Wed 18-Oct-17 13:12:49

Hi if anyone needs a humaira Injection can you please let me kniw as I have one that I didn’t take it was recommend to my A’s I’ve started IVF


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