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White spots on brain in MRI

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meanex Sat 30-Jul-16 09:08:48

Hi, hoping someone here might be an expert!

My MIL is 58, she's been poorly a while - smells a burning smell, sore mouth, sore joints mainly her back, burning in her fingers and toes, frequently upset stomach.

She had an MRI and its come back with white lesions all over her brain.

She now has to wait 14 weeks to see a neurologist and is understandably really upset and worried.

Has anyone else been through something like this?

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sat 30-Jul-16 09:15:08

I haven't been through this, no, but that sounds like a ridiculously long wait to get the results.
How does she know about the white spots? Did her GP receive a letter about the MRI results? Could she visit her GP for an explanation?

HyacinthBouquetNo1 Sat 30-Jul-16 09:24:09

yes, I have these, and have a lot of sensory symptoms.

I had to have a lumbar puncture to check for MS, which was normal so still no idea what they are! sorry, not very helpful

I agree about seeing GP, 14 weeks is a long time to wait

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