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a long one about cirrhosis, enlarged spleen and an infected gallbladder

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WaffleOverload Fri 29-Jul-16 18:09:46

I'd really appreciate any advice as I'm worried

My mum is 67 and very unwell. She had Ovarian cancer 9 years ago and had a full hysterectomy and chemo. This 'cured' her but the chemo caused neuropathy and means she is now registered disabled and walks with a stick. She can still drive though and get out and about on her own etc

Onto now. She has lots of health issues anyway. The neuropathy means that she has severe pain so she's taken oramorph on a daily basis for many years now. She's diabetic - caused by a love of chocolate and being about five stone overweight. She also has a fatty liver

She became suddenly ill three weeks ago and was rushed to hospital. Diagnosed with an infected gallbladder. Surgery about to take place when they stopped it - they'd re looked at her liver scan (she's had two in the past six months ) and they can see cirrhosis there. This isn't alcohol related - the consultant believes it's scarring caused by the chemo years ago

The upshot is they cannot remove her gallbladder as she'd lose too much blood. She also has an enlarged spleen which I'm thinking is down to the infected gallbladder. Oh and she now has uncontrollable diorrhea. Sigh

So she's booked in for another liver scan mid August. The consultant said ' liver cancer is a possibility but he doubts it ' - it's believed the patches on her liver have been caused by past chemo. They'll then have a meeting and see what they can put in place to be able to remove the gallbladder. So it could be quite some time before its removed

She's now at home with 35 tablets to take a day on total. She's lost over a stone and can barely eat. Feeling very down now

Don't even know what my question is! COULD this be liver cancer? Like I said , she's had two liver scans recently , the last one was only a couple of weeks ago. Loads of blood tests . How can one person have all this going on? It's ridiculous

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