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Barthloin cyst over 40?

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Notthinkingclearly Thu 28-Jul-16 08:43:49

I have made a GP appointment for later today. Right side of labia very uncomfortable feeling like a pinched feeling. Not sure if swollen. Convinced myself it something nasty but even if only a barthloin cyst it should be treated as suspicious if over 40. I am 40 so very anxious. Any experience if symptoms. It feels just like the feeling that you when pubic hairs are stuck on a sanitary pad or my knickers are digging in but aren't.

ShangriLaLaLa Fri 29-Jul-16 22:32:11

I think it's more concerning post menopause rather than a blanket post 40. Something to do with lubrication, or lack of.

I've had two in late 40's (still pre-menopause) and they have both resolved in time. Good to see your GP though - how did it go?

PollyPerky Fri 29-Jul-16 22:35:50

Not aware that age is relevant with this. A blocked gland is a blocked gland at any age. The Bartholin gland helps keep the area moist and as far as I know still functions throughout our lives.

gingerboy1912 Mon 01-Aug-16 18:51:30

I agree with polly. Being forty doesn't mean a bartholins is more problematic. Antibiotics usually sorts them out.

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