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High oestrogen levels

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FreakOfNature Wed 27-Jul-16 22:33:28

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and what the cause/treatment is? My oestradial is over 2000.

I'm 39 with early menopause in the family, usually around 40. Recently popped along to GP, almost on bended knees begging for HRT as I don't sleep at night and haven't done for a long time. I have slowly reached a point where at least 2x a week I now go right through the night wide awake. I am losing more hair than normal, constipation which seems to be relative to slow motility (and I suspect not sleeping/related anxiety) and humongous bloating right before period. Periods are very light, just use panty liners these days, cycles now down to 25 days, from average 34 days a few years ago. Symptoms are very much relative to my cycle. Also night sweats which have slowly worsened over last couple of years.
GP didn't seem too concerned about levels, just a little confused as was expecting quite the opposite result. LH and FSH within normal range.
Test was done 7 days before period started.

I had a pelvic scan done last year which was all clear and had a thorough physical exam from a gynae 6 months ago due to prolapse.

GP has given me sleeping tablets for now, which have worked a treat!

Millionairerow Wed 27-Jul-16 22:43:15

I haven't followed it closely except when trying to get pg. IVF shoes high FSH and low AMH at 38. I'm 45 now and experiencing 35 day periods (prev 28 days like clockwork). Night sweats are unbelievable. My DH hAs duvet wrapped around and I have it completely me off at the min. I have sleep apnoea but realised I have a problem getting to sleep in the first place. I do sleep though but never seem to get enough!

Musicaltheatremum Sat 30-Jul-16 13:09:49

That's really unusual. I would be repeating the test and if it's still high with low LH/FSH I think an endocrinologist with an interest in gynaecology would be the next step.

PollyPerky Sat 30-Jul-16 13:16:46

FreakYou had the test at the wrong time.
The right time is day 2-5 of a cycle (so when you are still bleeding, if having periods.) This needs repeating over 2 months to be accurate. Your GP ought to know this - it's standard stuff.

see link

sounds like classic peri meno symptoms.

This is why blood tests can be unreliable. During peri the ovaries chuck out loads of hormones as a 'last ditch' attempt to maintain fertility. It's why some women can conceive at 50 because they have one month when the ovaries give it all they've got before they pack up.

Please go back or ask to be referred to a gynae because undiagnosed early menopause (when your periods stop before 45) is dangerous in terms of long-term health. There was yet another article about it in the press last week as a result of more research.

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