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Can you get piles that are not in your actual bum? (Descriptive)

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Hexenbeast Tue 26-Jul-16 21:59:02

Shakes head at even having to post the question, but my usual google surfing is letting me down.

2 kids, but they are teen and preteen now.... but all the same, having 2 pregnancies has left me with a certain weakness. Not the classic internal piles (no problem there) or even the classic external ones that protrude from your anua. Oh no.

What I have is a swelling that is sore (and gets worse if I'm ever even a smidge constipated) and that can bleed that is on the right side of my perineum. And, as of last night (ouch) I have a swelling that is very painful and will bleed off to the right and about 2cm behind my anus.

I have germoloid cream. And wet wipes. And am wondering what else to do to minimise the pain/swelling asap.

I also have a smear test on Fri so can ask the lovely nurse for some advice if I overcome the embarrassment of it all.

MatildaTheCat Thu 28-Jul-16 18:59:52

Yes,you absolutely can. Vulval varices are a common issue in pregnancy but can occur at other times. All they are are engorged veins which have swollen. The rectum and anus are common places as, of course are the lower legs. The same ointments, wrapped ice packs and avoiding standing type of advice apply.

Do definitely ask the nurse to check this is the case but yes, they do exist unfortunately.

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