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Littlepeeps13 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:13:14

So last Wednesday to my horror I discovered that my 3yr old dd had pinworm. She's in nursery and puts her hands in her mouth alot so I knew that it may find its way to us eventually but I was still traumatised. After some good old Googleing I calmed down a little and the next day I did all the recommended things of washing bed covers, towels, dry dusting, hoovering and I've done all these things and more everyday since. Her and my husband took Ovex but myself and my 4 month old can't take it as he's under 2 and I'm breastfeeding. We've not had any signs yet but I've convinced myself that I'm going to get it. Has anyone whose breastfeeding ever taken Ovex? I obviously don't want to put my baby at risk but also can't stand the thought of them inside me for 6weeks.

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