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Dental dilemma!

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Daisygarden Sun 24-Jul-16 23:44:46

I had a private dentist as a teenager. Had a white filling in my back teeth done privately. In my 20's couldn't afford private so got an NHS dentist. Have been with him for years. He replaced the white filling done by the private dentist (I paid extra for white filling replacement). He did some other work which didn't turn out at all right cosmetically and also it failed. Other than that I have been happy with his work. I found a private dentist better skilled in cosmetic work and paid for the correction privately. Happy with that. The new private dentist also redid the large white filling done by the NHS dentist that had failed. (All very expensive).

I have gone back to my NHS dentist (can't afford private dentist regularly). NHS dentist has noticed the large white filling has failed again (I know this too, have been having toothache and it's gone very sensitive.) He has booked me in to have it redone.

Question: Should I come clean that it has been redone by a different dentist since he last did it? Does it matter? Would he notice? He has seen the cosmetic correction I had done but hasn't mentioned it and neither have I. (I told him at the time I wasn't happy with how it looked, then it failed, and he said he could redo it or I could try someone else if I wanted, up to me, so he knew I might go elsewhere for that). However I haven't mentioned the other dentist also redid the large white filling and I feel awkward now if I do mention it and awkward if I don't! WWYD? Thanks...

sonlypuppyfat Sun 24-Jul-16 23:48:26

Keep quiet, I would

Daisygarden Sun 24-Jul-16 23:57:08

Thanks sonly smile

I know it's a bit ridiculous but I feel awkward?!

My DH says I should go back to the private dentist and he should redo it - but he said at the time "I don't know if this will work" so he might charge me and it's really, really expensive (money I don't have).

Also I had another smaller white filling on the other side redone by the private dentist. It cracked after 5 months and when I went to see him he said "That can't be one of mine, surely", looked on his computer thingy, checked where he put the filling in but crucially never said whether it was his filling that had failed or not!, redid it, then charged me (full price) again.

So I'm guessing he would charge me again for this large one that's failed, especially after he said "I don't know whether this will work" at the time (a get-out clause?)

But one thing he said was that the NHS dentist had not lined the original filling with a liner that shows up on X-rays which isn't very good apparently, because otherwise it's hard to see what's white filling and what's tooth (in terms of depth) on an X-ray. So I felt like mentioning this to the NHS dentist as it seems best he would use a liner that shows up on an X-ray, or was that the private dentist being a bit, well, private dentist?! (He doesn't know I had an NHS dentist, I was too embarrassed to say in his fancy-pants surgery, plus I didn't think it mattered. But when he said "That's odd, there should be a liner that shows up on Xray but your old dentist hasn't used it" I wondered if it was a matter of private vs NHS materials. Still didn't ask tho blush

Daisygarden Mon 25-Jul-16 10:26:57

Bump! Anyone else thoughts? Going soon! grin

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