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tired all the time

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hollinhurst84 Sun 24-Jul-16 22:36:00

I work weird shift patterns with very short turnarounds from lates to days. Worked these for about 5 years now
Recently I am so lethargic it's ridiculous. Alarm goes off, I hit off instead of snooze and wake up at lunchtime. I'm not sleeping great at night because of the weather so I guess that isn't helping
I eat well but am dieting so fairly calorie restricted. I exercise as much as I can (job is sedentary)
Worth seeing GP? I've been anaemic before but not for about 3 years. And I have neutropenia so I always have a low white cell count

hollinhurst84 Sun 24-Jul-16 22:36:57

Oh and I take 4 antihistamines a day but I've been on that dose for 20 years so I figure not related

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