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Anyone had a CT Myelogram?

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Alakazam7 Sun 24-Jul-16 08:17:44

Due to have one next week and I'm becoming (more than) a bit worried about it.
I don't have much information about it other than a short very explanation over the phone.
I know it'll all be made clear on the day but if anyone has had one would you help me by answering these questions..
how much does the lumbar puncture hurt? I'd rather know in advance! I know this varies from person to person but just an idea would help me (to stop imagining all sorts!)
What is the positioning like, I know you have the trolley tilted, do you feel like you are in danger of falling off?
How long does the procedure itself take? I'm being admitted as a day case but wanted to know how long the actual test takes
Thanks for any help with this, sorry for the long post smile

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