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Incitatus Sat 23-Jul-16 23:29:22

Does anyone have any experience of this?

I had it 25 years ago and have now caught it again. I work in a care setting and the management aren't taking it seriously sad

I'm onto my second episode as it reoccurred. Dh and the dcs now have it. We're being treated overnight tonight with permethrin 5% and then have a repeat treatment in four days. Mine is so bad I'm on strong antihistamines and anti itch lotion. I could scratch my skin off. I've been like this for almost three months now.

I'm washing the laundry at 60 degrees and can't wash any higher in case it ruins the clothing.

I've cleaned, changed bedding, fresh towels for each person everyday, bleached and wiped down.

I'm at my wits end. I've spend £s on treatment, creams and cleaning products, not to mention the electric and water bill due to all the washing.

Work don't want to know, so I've signed off sick. Clients need treatment, but I can't see them getting it so how can I return to work and risk another reinfection?

EstellaHavisham Mon 25-Jul-16 19:57:26

I'm sorry nobody has replied. I battled with scabies for years and used all manner of treatments including natural stuff like neem oil.
I had permethrin and in the end a dose of Ivermectin.
The 'rash' can go on for much longer than you think even when there are no live mites.
It was so stressful treating them and getting nowhere and so very exhausting that one day I gave up for a bit. I'm never sure when it happened but they just went away. A few years later 'i thought I had them again but it turned out to be Pomphylyx excess which I think was brought on by the cycles of permethrin etc. I still get \pomph when it's really hot and always panic that its scabies.
I bet you've treated the mites and this is the residual rash from the faeces and dead eggs.
Sending you a massive hug

chough Mon 25-Jul-16 19:57:48

Incitatus, I've had scabies twice over the years, like you from working in a care setting.
I feel for you, as I well remember the terrible itching.
It certainly sounds as though this infection will keep doing the rounds until your employer takes it seriously and everyone involved, ie clients, colleagues , and families are treated.
Could you seek advice and support from an Infection Control Nurse Specialist or your Occupational Health Department?
Hope you can get some help.

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