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FFS - I feel like I'm falling to pieces ...argh

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Noitsnotteatimeyet Sat 23-Jul-16 21:47:48

I've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees, big toe and thumb joints and I strongly suspect my left hip is arthritic as well as sitting down for any length of time is agony (driving is torture). I have Achilles tendinitis in one heel. Plus I have vitamin D deficiency so pretty much everything is aching anyway. I have on-off IBS. And now I have a compressed nerve at the top of my spine causing pain and numbness in my left arm confused

Six months ago I was absolutely fine - it feels like my body is ganging up on me.

I've got anti-inflammatories and ultra-high dose vitamin D but am still feeling tired and crap. The GP gave me some knee and ankle exercises which I'm doing religiously but no change yet ...

Is this what it's going to be like for the rest of my life hmm

Simmi1 Mon 25-Jul-16 08:46:07

Sorry to hear this OP I can sympathise. I was perfectly healthy up until 10 months ago when I developed horrible IBS symptoms. The IBS finally got better but now I'm getting bladder/UTI type symptoms but no infection. I'm only 40 and am really fed up of feeling ill! I get jealous of other mums at mother's groups etc as everyone else looks healthy and happy and I want to be too sad

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