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Post birth ongoing trouble, episiotomy etc

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artyone Thu 21-Jul-16 19:48:45

Hi, posting here in the hope that someone might have some kind of answer.

I had a baby in Nov '13. Had episiotomy, forceps. Was stitched up badly, had an infection, stitches dissolved. an area of skin just wouldn't heal. Had 2 operations to repair. After 2nd op, was told they found some dead tissue inside which is why it wouldn't heal. It (the area that wouldn't heal) would frequently swell then burst and weep, then heal, repeat.

After 2nd op the area still did not heal properly but it was a smaller area and a bit more comfortable then before.

14m post baby I became pregnant with baby 2 and the area healed completely. I think pregnancy hormones helped.

I had my 2nd baby in October 2015. Episiotomy again, small tear also. lots of stitches but this time it all healed up really well within 6w.

Fast forward to now and my 2nd is almost 9m old and the original area that took so long to heal has suddenly swollen up again in the last few days.

I called the doctor and I've got an appt for Aug 1st, but its just getting worse and painful and it looks like i'll have to call in the morning and go in. I guess I have an infection inside and I'm sure they'll give me antibiotics.

But its not solving the problem. I think they'll be reluctant for a 3rd op, and seriously how many times can they cut and restitch but this is getting ridiculous now. I've had so many courses of antibiotics over the last few years. sad

Thanks if you've read all of this.

Confused59 Fri 22-Jul-16 10:48:51

Sorry you are going through this - l had an episiotomy that did not heal was rest itched broke down again. 18 months later further operation that again broke down. Did eventually heal and went on to have another 4 children . I appreciate it is not the same as your problem , however l did find out during my experience that there are many women who have problems with healing postnatal . I wish you a speedy full recovery

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