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How long would you wait for an ear infection to clear up before you went back to GP?

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AgentCandid Mon 18-Jul-16 09:15:24

I came down with a cold about 10 days ago, which included ear pain when swallowing. Three days later I woke in the night to the clicking and bubbling noises of fluid moving about in my right ear. I've had hearing loss and tinnitus ever since. The doctor took a quick look and said 'nothing very imprasesive' but gave me a week's course of antibiotics.

I'm on day six and there's no improvement. When I've had ABs for this in the past they've worked within a day or two. The muffledness, clicking and feeling of pressure is driving me mad but I don't want to be a drama queen. How long after the course finishes would you go back, if this carries on?

I have other general symptoms of feeling rubbish but I'll resist the urge to moan any more just now.

PerspicaciaTick Mon 18-Jul-16 09:20:35

If it is the same when you finish the ABs, I would go straight back. Hearing is so delicate.

NoahVale Mon 18-Jul-16 09:24:17

i think the ear will unblog itself eventually.

AgentCandid Mon 18-Jul-16 09:39:47

Thanks for replies. I keep thinking it must just clear at some point, but it's proving stubborn so far. Also I've uncovered a deep well of self-pity so I'm having trouble maintaining perspective. I just want someone to make it better!

I think I'll see if I can make an appointment for the end of the week if I don't see/hear any improvement by Wednesday.

WeAllHaveWings Mon 18-Jul-16 09:59:57

I kept going back every 5-7 days and they gave me different anti biotic drips until they found one that worked.

Unfortunately last time I had an ear infection I also had tinnitus and even though the ear infection cleared now, nearly 3 years later, the tinnitus in the one ear that was infected never has. Swabs and MRI cant find anything wrong so I'm stuck with it.

I'm sure the infection damaged my ear somehow, so keep going back.

AgentCandid Mon 18-Jul-16 10:23:12

Oh that's scary! I'll definitely go back in that case. Sorry to hear about your tinnitus.

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