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Hemorroids, a bit tmi but omg, the pain

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abyssiniam8 Mon 18-Jul-16 07:50:26

So I have had a bad bout of ibs, and have had hemorroids in the past, also whilst pregnant, but that was mild compared to these bastards..

Started Saturday night. I did not sleep at all that night, even though I rummaged around and found some Prep H in the cupboard and plastered it on. So yesterday ds needed something from a particular shop, and typically the shop in in the middle of a huge shopping centre, so I had to drive there, park, walk into centre, walk to the shop, around the shop, back to car. Dear god I nearly collapsed with the pain. In the end it was a shuffle to the car.

So clearly the Prep H isn't doing anything at all, as they were even bigger than the day before, so did some googling and saw they recommend apple cider vinegar. So I thought, right I have some of that, and dabbed some on. OMG, I nearly vomited, it was so sore... so after an hour it was not getting less painful, so back into the bath to wash it off. Then I see that they recommend Vicks Vaporub. I just couldn't face more pain, so used the PH again, took some pain relievers, woke up in the night with this throbbing pain again.

So this morning, I thought bugger, I'm going to try the Vicks. So I did. It is strangely soothing, like a cooling effect. But the bastards are still huge and its really so sore. I have birth TWICE with no pain relief, but this, is 100 times worse pain wise.

So if you used either ACV or Vicks, how long before its starts to work....please....

abyssiniam8 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:30:51

Bumping.... going to have to take some paracetomal or something now, it is just horrendous.

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