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have i got traped nerve in my kneck or brocken colar bone or worse

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elvisjohn Mon 18-Jul-16 02:05:13

iv never been in so much constant pain from my shoulder to my finger tips some times my finger tips or nail feel like they been shut in a car door then they go numb its been 3 weeks i have been to oastiopath but really not any better my right top rib is raised up and afecting nerve theere as well so it also feels like brocken collar bone depending on the day though not any less the pain chainges place and can radiate down arm or feel like ive pulled a tricep ,no painkillers are working and i wounderd if i may have a blood clot at one piont will gp even be able to do anything ,any help or advise would be so appreciated

Rubberduck2 Mon 18-Jul-16 02:59:19

You need a Mri scan. I had this and had a massive slipped disc in my neck. It was horrific. I was on meds for 12 months and it resolved itself.

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