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Any GP's/practice managers around? NHS number changed with new name -is that right?

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DorynownotFloundering Thu 14-Jul-16 18:35:55

Quick answer needed. Young friend transitioning from F>M, has had trouble with an extremely unhelpful -bordering on transphobic- GP.

He has other health problems & is today struggling to get medications he urgently needs because they have said they had to change his NHS number after he changed his name & therefore he has to see the GP to have all his meds reviewed.

He has argued it is the specialist who is treating him & the GP has been advised what meds to prescribe and it is not up to him (the GP) to stop or review treatment. They (practice manager) insist he must be seen so he has made an appt but wants to get his facts right so he can stand up to the GP with more confidence.

Now as your records are unique to your number young friend is worrying that all his referrals, history etc will not be transferred to his new number as on everything we can find on the internet suggests records all start again.

According to the NHS website If you change your name but not your gender you get to keep your number, but if you change gender then AFTER you have finished transitioning you get a new one & all the history can be merged IF requested within a certain time frame.

<phew - congrats if you're still awake >

Any thoughts / advice appreciated.

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