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Sinus / Polyp

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NelAntarctic Thu 14-Jul-16 06:00:01

For about 5 weeks now, I've been having trouble with my right sinus area. It started throbbing, a feeling of rather intense pressure, sometimes blocked, and eventually a foul smell. I telephoned my GP (as always, face to face appointments are like gold dust) and the Doctor presribed me antibiotics for a week. She also advised me to carefully steam with olbas oil. The antibiotics were for what she felt was an infected sinus.

Took the AB's religiously, the symptoms subsided for a bit but never really went away. 5 weeks later, here I am. It still pulses with a dull ache and when I press on the sinus area, I get temporary relief. Occasionally I feel a change in sensation and I blow hard and get (sorry TMI >>>) a bright whitish green discharge that stinks. It's white than the stuff you get when you're poorly with the rhinovirus or flu virus IYKWIM.

Has someone experienced this? It's horrible enough when it's short term, but after 5 weeks of it, I want to ram something up my nose. I'm also flying during the summer and am concerned the pressure change is going to hurt.

NelAntarctic Thu 14-Jul-16 06:02:40


KP86 Thu 14-Jul-16 06:26:48

Any chance you have something stuck up your nose? Sounds like my DS when he had a small piece of sponge stuck in there for 6 or so weeks. His nose was constantly runny and very, very smelly

I have polyps (for 5-6 years now) and don't have smelly snot.

QforCucumber Thu 14-Jul-16 06:32:03

Dp had a polyp in his sinus, tool 18 months to be referred after docs kept telling him he had an allergy angry it made his breath smell too.
The symptoms were similar to that you describe, pressure, bunged up feeling. Scan showed sinus was full and he needed an op under ga to remove. Has been warned may grow back too.

NelAntarctic Thu 14-Jul-16 19:04:11

Thanks both - I haden't thought of anything being stuck up there tbh - worth a thought though .

End of term soon so first job is Doctor's. Can't go on like this!

Thanks again.

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