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reducing body scars in child/teenager - what is best dermatix or bio oil?

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fredfortoday Wed 13-Jul-16 09:47:09

My 12 year old is always in scrapes and he is now beginning to look very war worn - he has old cuts/marks all over his hands, his arms and one on his chest. He is sensitive about the several marks he has on his hands. The marks are not recent but at least 12 months + ( so settled a bit) but I now think none of them are going to heal completely. I was thinking that using bio oil might encourage them to fade. When I went to buy this the chemist assistant told me to get dermatix instead which I had not heard of - it is a silicone gel. When I looked up both products on Amazon the opinions are contradictory - some say great and others say rubbish use the other product. I am happy to get either and wondered if anyone had used dermatix or bio oil and had any thoughts? Thanks.

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