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Thrush Help!

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helloimjord Wed 13-Jul-16 09:29:04


I contracted thrush probably Wednesday of last week, I used the canesten cream up until Monday when I rang the GP and she pescribed me a pessary, which I used that night. It's now Wednesday and the pain has reduced a lot and the swelling and redness has gone down a bit but there is still an itching/stinging feeling when I'm moving around and it's really uncomfortable, I'm still using the cream but I don't know if it's even helping!?

She gave me 2 pesaaries and said use it like 2-3 days later if the symptoms haven't gone but all online it says to wait 7 days, I don't know what to do anymore! Should I wait a couple more days to see if it goes completely or use the second pessary tonight? I don't know the damages of using them too close together? I'm also starting to freak out that it could be something elsesad

Thanks a lot,
Jordan x

stuckinthemiddlewithpooh Wed 13-Jul-16 10:54:12

Go to your local chemist and ask for an oral thrush tablet. I'm allergic to the pessarys so have to take a tablet and it works within hours of taking it. The pessary is grainy and irritates my eczema prone skin. It should clear up within hours of using a pessary unless you're also allergic to it.

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