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DVT ruled out - then what

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Summerisntcoming Wed 13-Jul-16 09:10:03

Started with pain in calf on Saturday which turned into a heavy feeling type, dull ache which progressively got worse over the weekend. Ended up at an urgent care clinic who assessed my symptoms (no redness/swelling etc) then did a D-Dimer blood test which ruled out a clot. Not sure how accurate this test is?
There has been no pain at all just an achy feeling, occasionally feels like loss of blood/trapped nerve type feeling but goes as soon as I move. Last two days both legs have felt achy and I can't explain it well but they just feel odd, but I also now have neck ache, muscle ache in top and lower back and needle prick pains in calf, occasionally twinges in back/hip like something is pinched,
Do you think this is more trapped nerve type problem and definitely not a clot?

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