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Prozac and mid cycle bleeding

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flowerandrandd Wed 13-Jul-16 09:09:21

So I started Prozac 10 weeks ago, had two periods which were slightly more painful than usual but not horrendous. Have abdominal discomfort but only very slight throughout cycle. I've lost a lot of weight thro stress and an avid worrier... Doctors are ram packed and I'm worrying as I had sex last night, first time in 10 weeks, I'm ovulating and noticed some pink spotting right on cervix ...

flowerandrandd Tue 19-Jul-16 14:40:51

Just thought I'd update incase anyone has had similar, had swabs done... Normal... Routine smear.. Normal, nurse saw a slight cervical abrasion I've had erosions (it's called something different now) might of been a bit too much jiggery pockery as the nurse put it

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