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When to take meds

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Ploppymoodypants Tue 12-Jul-16 23:28:43

So... Can anyone figure out when I should take my meds. Just come out of hospital. I have 2 X meds. One lot to be taken every 8 hours with food. The other lot every six hours to be taken on an empty stomach an hour before food (this leaves a 3 hour period of no eating if I go by NHS guidelines that stomach is empty after 2 hours of no food). I would also like to try and get 6 hours sleep in the night time. My befuddled unwell mind can't figure out the maths. Could anyone help me please? It feels like a maths GCSE question. Thank you

tobee Wed 13-Jul-16 01:00:50

Can't help (failed maths o level) but huge sympathies. Been in similar situation. Such a pita.

MountainDweller Wed 13-Jul-16 01:01:31

Hi... I love puzzles like this. It does sound like a GCSE maths question! You will either have to eat at strange times or build in some snacks/eat more meals but smaller ones I think. If the ones to take with food are anti-inflamatories, make sure your accompanying snacks are generous! You could try this, or move it all an hour earlier if that suits better

7am pill 2 (the empty stomach one)
8am breakfast, pill 1 (the take with food one)
11 am snack (you will need it given the late lunch!)
1pm pill 2
2pm lunch
4pm snack, pill 1
7pm pill 2
8pm dinner
12 midnight snack, pill 1
If you get to sleep by 1am you will get your 6 hours. Also you can doze between your first dose of pill 2 and breakfast....

pippinandtog Wed 13-Jul-16 09:18:28

Sometimes "every 8 hours" can just mean 3 times a day, and "every six hours" can be 4 times a day.
You could then take the first with each of 3 meals, and the latter two hours before.
I f you have been discharged from hospital with medication, you should have an information leaflet in the bag from the pharmacy, with a contact number to phone with any queries: give them a ring and I'm sure they'll advise you.
Better than worrying while you have enough to think of in getting better; you just need to know that you are taking medication for its best effect.

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