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unsure if there is something wrong with my bladder

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roseteapot101 Tue 12-Jul-16 07:58:24

Hiya my name is Jo i am not sure if something wrong but after google failed to give any results i thought i'd ask.Recently i noticed something odd with my bladder.Its not been feeling full and passing smaller amounts than usual .I especially noticed this at night.I always drink water before bed and like clockwork i will need to wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder.These passed few nights not at all and after a full nights sleep i am peeing much less than i usually do.

I know it could be nothing but i thought i'd ask is it something to be concerned about or am i worrying over nothing

sadie9 Tue 12-Jul-16 12:32:59

It's very hard to know without doing a measurement of some kind. Otherwise it's very hard to be objective.
Are you dieting in any way? Or exercising more during the day or being a lot more active? Could you be sweating more at night because it's warmer, something like that?
I have/had a prolapse and the physio got me to measure my input/output over 3 days. She gave me a chart with the hours down one side, and then I had to measure everything I drank (easy enough to measure your average cup of tea) and then measure what I wee'd out (I got a plastic measuring jug and pee'd into it). I was very surprised by the variation or what seemed to be a variation. On mornings when I had eaten a lot of foods with water in it the day before, I had a lot more pee. Other mornings I had very little pee even though I was expecting more. I had figured it'd be the nearly the same each morning but it definitely wasn't. Your food intake and sweating etc are all major factors in the wee output.
Have you had any bladder prolapse issues or constipation? Or weak pelvic floor muscles. Or problems pooing at all?
Really only the GP can tell you if someone is going on or not.

Bottomchops Tue 12-Jul-16 12:39:53

In your situation I would be ensuring I'm drinking lots of water throughout the day, although it does sound the opposite to a uti. I would just keep filling and flushing and see how it feels in a week or so.

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