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White blood cells in urine but no infection?

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HuckleberryGin Mon 11-Jul-16 21:02:15

I've been feeling awful recently, lots of hard to get rid of headaches, exhausted, nausea. Also a need to wee frequently and never feeling like bladder is empty. Finally went to GP who did a dip test, and said white cells present. So went off sample for full test and gave me antibiotics. Finished those, Feb bit better, but majority of symptoms still there. Sample came back negative for infection.

So what seems could it be? I'm trying to make an appoint fore next week.

lavenderbongo Mon 11-Jul-16 21:06:56

I'm not a doctor but I had the same symptoms. I had many scans to check things out (CT scan, internal scans +) to check kidneys, liver and other organs were okay and found nothing wrong. The conclusion was "it's just one of those things that occurs in some people". My father has always had blood in his urine as well.
I suspect they will send you for further tests to check stuff out. But try not to worry it is often nothing nasty.

lavenderbongo Mon 11-Jul-16 21:08:33

Oh and they found out after a blood test that I have hypothyroidism. Which would account for the lack of energy and generally feeling crap. Which is not serious just have to take thyroxine pills.

HuckleberryGin Mon 11-Jul-16 21:10:56

Thanks. I am avoiding googling at the moment!

Simmi1 Sat 16-Jul-16 11:34:43

Hi Huckleberry- any update? I am having the same symptoms but I had no white blood cells in my urine and haven't taken antibiotics. I have always had a fairly strong bladder and these symptoms came on all of a sudden 3 weeks ago. I have the other symptoms you mention but the bladder one is the worst and most distressing. Did your symptoms just get better lavender? I also get that bladder not empty feeling even after having just gone and also get pelvic pain.

Tanfastic Sat 16-Jul-16 15:03:19

I'm having an almost identical problem but I don't think they said white blood cells but red?

I had infection present and s trace of blood after dip test, given three day course of antibiotics which took away most of the symptoms but a few days later I started the same again but when I went back there was no infection just a trace of blood still so they've sent it off for lab tests. That was a week ago and my GP still no results I'm expecting it to be negative for infection though.

In now starting to wonder if it's partly I my head. I've just made myself wait three hours before I wee even though I feel like I want to go. But I've been six times already this morning. I just feel irritated around my urethra.

No idea what's going on.

HuckleberryGin Sat 16-Jul-16 20:18:24

The GP didn't really have a clue. In the end gave me antihistamine for headaches as said could be pollen related. Then a drug for the bladder - oxybutynin. It's supposed to help my bladder hold more/not want to go so frequently. He said it could be that the message from bladder to brain are out of sync.

He really didn't know. I've got to try them for a month and see.

Simmi1 Sat 16-Jul-16 23:22:43

Thanks, it's so odd! I also randomly developed severe bowel problems after the birth of my second child 10 months ago. 3 months ago I went on amitriptyline to help with the bowel problem which did get better but then this bladder issue started. It's odd as amitriptyline is given to people with overactive bladders but can also cause urinary retention as a side effect. I'm now tapering off the amitriptyline but one week of lower dose and there's no real improvement! Can't believe that I've gone through 9 months of bowel trouble for this to happen. No health problems at all before this sad

Simmi1 Sun 17-Jul-16 01:11:46

I really hope this sort of thing is just a blip and will sort itself out. It's interesting that your gp went straight for the drug huckleberry- I would have thought he'd send you to a urologist for the testing that lavender mentioned. How long have your symptoms been going on? Hope you get better soon flowers

Alwayschanging1 Sun 17-Jul-16 01:18:00

I have had years of bladder problems and had the same issue. I currently have a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis which is a diagnosis by exclusion I.e. they don't know what's going on but here - have a nice label!
I believe that white blood cells can also be a sign of inflammation as well as infection - so your bladder wall might be sore. I have tried a squillion different drugs but the thing that made the biggest difference was cutting out caffeine. Takes a few weeks to work but really helps. I have gone from struggling to walk a few hundred yards to being able to do normal country walks. There is a great website for interstitial cystitis with lots of support for people with bladder pain.

Simmi1 Sun 17-Jul-16 01:25:23

Thanks Always. That's good to know. How about foods/alcohol? In my case in hoping it's urinary retention caused by the amitriptyline but don't know. Did yours come on all of a sudden? Mine did. I've never even had a UTI before - hoping it stays that way grin. Glad you're feeling better off the caffeine though x

Alwayschanging1 Sun 17-Jul-16 01:36:13

There is a diet you can follow on the IC website - i can't remember the detail but it's about avoiding toms onions spices etc. I never found that diet affected my symptoms other than the caffeine. I was on amitriptyline for a year and it was fab - really helped - but when I went back to the urologist he made me come off it because it's not good for you long term . It is very hard to come off that stuff!
Took me years of tests biopsies cystoscopies to get to a good place. Urologists tend to be quite dismissive - one told me to go away and live with it because it was just 'women's problems'.
Have you tried some old fashioned sodium bicarbonate?
I'm going to turn in now but please pm me and I'll offer whatever support I can tomorrow.

HuckleberryGin Sun 17-Jul-16 08:28:48

That particular GP is a bit drug happy, iyswim. Think he wanted to give me a solution. I'm not sure about the drugs cos of the drowsiness. And I think it's causing me to hold onto urine more, but not take away the feeling of needing to go. So I still need to go, but can't!

It been going on a while, but I've been slack at getting it sorted. It was only when the headaches etc started I made myself go to doctor.

I'm still going about 8 times before I can sleep at night (little drips each time) and loads during night.

Thing is one of my other meds can cause increased urination.

Not Sue I can surivwithout caffeine. Two small children and drowsy inducing meds!

Tanfastic Sun 17-Jul-16 09:16:12

After a bit of research I've been and bought some Uva Ursi drops. Saw someone on here swore by them and the reviews are pretty good.

Started taking them yesterday morning. I hate to tempt fate but I think they may be working. Don't feel quite as bad this morning but will report back......

Alwayschanging1 Sun 17-Jul-16 09:56:30

Giving up caffeine is very hard.
I also used a tens machine for a while at bedtime so I could get to sleep - the instruction book should show you where to put the pads.
This site has lots of info and a fab support group.

Simmi1 Mon 18-Jul-16 08:44:50

Oh no huckleberry - sounds like the drug is making things worse for you. Maybe try some bladder training and paracetamol - that's what I'm doing. I've also given up caffeine and am hoping for the best. It's awful being ill. I suppose I have been lucky in that I never got ill before my second child 10 months ago (just short of my 40th birthday). After the birth I developed terrible IBS that lasted 9 months - I tried everything! Now the IBS gets better and the bladder symptoms with tiredness and mild headaches hit. I just wonder if things will ever get back to normal again sad

HuckleberryGin Mon 18-Jul-16 10:31:12

It isn't painful, I just feel like I always need a wee. It isn't sudden need, and often I go and it is just a drip.

Anyone got any good bladder training exercises as the ones I looked up were all for sudden incontinence.

Simmi1 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:42:57

I just try and wait until it's been about 3 hours since the last visit. If I've had a lot of fluid and I really need to go then I'll just go as long as it's been at least an hour/90 mins since the last visit.

HuckleberryGin Mon 18-Jul-16 11:05:46

Don't think I could ever do 3 hours! As I said on drug I take (mental health one) causes increased urination. Maybe I should try every 90mins

WicksEnd Mon 18-Jul-16 11:12:57

Have you had your urine checked for glucose? Or a blood test to eliminate diabetes?
These were my symptoms (peeing 8/10 times a night but a lot of urine) aching limbs, tiredness then blurred vision. My blood glucose level was 20 (normal level is 5-7 and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
You can get urine test strips from the chemist if you want to eliminate it without another GP appointment.
Fwiw, my GP fobbed me off telling me it was a urine infection as I was 'too old to develop type one' and 'too thin to develop type 2'. I insisted he checked my urine for glucose and he soon changed his tune and I went straight to hospital.
I'm hope it's not but it's easy to check so you can rule it out.

Simmi1 Mon 18-Jul-16 11:13:08

I find that if I try and ignore the first mild urge it goes away and then sometimes I realise it's already been 3 hours and I haven't thought about it again. I do go after 3-4 hours whether I really need to or not as apparently if you leave it too long (excluding night) then bacteria can build up in your urine and cause a UTI. However I think you're either prone to UTIs or not and I'm not so don't think I really need to do this. I sometimes get some mild discomfort/light pelvic pain as my bladder is filling and I find paracetamol takes my mind off it and so I can just go only when I really need to if that makes sense? I used to be able to hold loads in my bladder - it's certainly got weaker. Bladder training is supposed to help retrain your bladder to hold more before sending you to the loo!

HuckleberryGin Mon 18-Jul-16 11:17:56

Thanks Wicksend I don't think I have. I am half a stone overweight (official BMI) and thought a symptom was losing weight? Might get some test strips though.

Simmi1 Mon 18-Jul-16 11:19:50

OP do you find your mental health drug helps enough to warrant this side effect? If not can you see your doctor about reducing the dose. I think my bladder issue may be a side effect of an antidepressant that I've been taking for IBS/ anxiety. I'm not sure the drug has helped enough with my IBS/mood to warrant putting up with bladder symptoms so I'm tapering off it. My mum is very anti drug because of side effects - I always thought she was over reacting as I've never really taken any prescription drugs but now I think she may have a point!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Mon 18-Jul-16 11:24:09

I have the same issue.

I googled as was very unhappy with local urology dept and gP. I felt like I had an infection, always white blood cells on dipping but no infection grown in lab. Antibiotics made it better but within a few weeks it would be back.

I asked to be referred to prof malone-Lee at the Whittingdon in London even though I'm hundreds of miles away. He's very good. He says that lab cultures miss 80% of infections and he doesn't use them. He says if you have symptoms of an infection then you have an infection. He examines fresh urine specs under a microscope and he says I have bacteria from that.

WicksEnd Mon 18-Jul-16 11:59:52

Ah yes I forgot that Huckleberry, I dropped a stone in a fortnight too.

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