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Tmi - poo colour question

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PhyllisWig Mon 11-Jul-16 20:57:45

Sorry for grossnessblush

I am a bit worried about my poo - it seems a bit yellow.

As a disclaimer, I am a long term health anxiety sufferer, have had treatment, CBT etc which keeps me in check and I know that I should take a step back see the gp once I have a sense of proportion etc but the proportion bit is wobbling.

Whilst I haven't googled for ages I know this is a sign of malabsorption of fat and can be down to issues with pancreas and gall bladder. I'm a non drinking, non smoking 40 year old who has lost a lot of weight over the past year so logic tells me if it is a problem it is much more likely to be the gall bladder but the ha side of me does worry about pancreas (my uncle died of pancreatic cancer when he was my age but he was a v heavy drinker and smoker). I have some non specific abdominal discomfort which has been investigated and put down to either wind or something muscular as well as some upper left hand pain too which also seems to be muscular (or ligaments - I'm hyper mobile so get out of kilter and twisty all the bloody time!).

So the yellow poo thing - TMI its yellowy brown, not overly smelly and doesn't float blush. I don't know when/if it changed as I have never really looked but something caught my eye one day, I looked and now I keep looking. I don't want to bother the dr again for my paranoia but I genuinely am not sure if it's normal! My diet has been slightly higher in fat as I've reduced the carbs recently but this seemed to be the case even before then. So GP or me being OTT?

Cerseilannisterinthesnow Tue 12-Jul-16 20:47:29

I would definitely go straight to the gp if your poo is yellow as that is definitely not normal. Don't worry too much though it could be any number of things such as an infection rather than anything serious

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