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Breast cyst biopsy - what's it like?

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Fourarmsv2 Sat 09-Jul-16 08:00:57

I have a cluster of cysts in my right breast. I've got an appt next week for a biopsy.

Will it hurt? Is there any more than a needle mark afterwards? Does it make a difference having more than one?

If they drain them is that any worse than the biopsy?

DH coming to hold my hand. Just wondering how I'll feel afterwards. Finding the lump hit me really hard.

Eglantyne Sat 09-Jul-16 08:05:15

Hi, I had 3 drained at the same time, it didn't really hurt. I have the mammogram and the procedure in the same morning. Actually it hurt a lot less than the boob-squishing mammogram! There was only a tiny mark afterwards which was gone by the next day. Good luck x

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sat 09-Jul-16 11:22:46

I have had a pocket of fluid aspirated and a core biopsy. The needle aspiration was really quick and hardly felt anything. The core biopsy was fine as they use a local anaesthetic first.
I doubt your dh will be allowed in during procedure but both the doctor and nurse were very pleasant and put me at ease.
I felt fine after needle aspiration but the core biopsy, was a bit tender for a few days.

Fourarmsv2 Sat 09-Jul-16 14:29:45


I've already had the mammogram which was fairly painless. Probably not much to squash!

Did they feedback on findings from biopsy fluid immediately?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sat 09-Jul-16 14:37:16

Both my results were back a week later, but I have read that some units can give results back the same day.
My mum has had about twenty cysts aspirated when she was in her 40s/50s and not one came back suspicious.

AlcoChocs Sat 09-Jul-16 16:23:56

I had 2 large cysts aspirated and it was such a relief. The pain I'd been feeling from the cysts drained away as the fluid was aspirated. No pain from the needle.
Tha mammogram before the aspiration was excruciatingly painful. Small breasts with large painful cysts being squished not a good combination.

Fourarmsv2 Sun 10-Jul-16 14:39:05

My cysts weren't painful when I first found them but they've become painful during my cycle. sad

buntingbingo Sun 10-Jul-16 14:48:53

I had one removed it was a while ago. It wasn't bad at all. They knocked me out and did it as a day patent. They made sure the scar went round the nipple so you can't really see it.

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