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Has anyone successfully found a new job after being off work for years due to ill health that's still ongoing?

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HarryPottersMagicWand Fri 08-Jul-16 21:16:01

I have been off work for years now. I did go back to college and retrain a few years ago (actually working it out I finished the course 9 years ago!) and was working alongside the course.

I have a long term illness that leaves me exhausted. This is why I had to give up work. I tried different patterns of hours and it didn't work. I have been on incapacity benefit ever since, and more recently, employment and support allowance, the support group (moved there on appeal) but now I have been put back in the work related activity group on assessment. I am appealing but looking at my options as well. They have said I don't have to get a job and they know I am not fit for work but won't get paid in the WRAG for that long.

I would like to work. I'm fed up of being stuck at home and people asking what I've been up to and the answer is always nothing. However, my illness hasn't gone, recovery is unlikely. I get tired easily. It's a case of managing it. After 1 year though in the WRAG my money will stop and we will be scraping by, especially when my DLA stops and I have to apply for PIP, I'd be very surprised to get this given all the horror stories about it.

I can't see anyone actually employing me. Or there being a job that is so few hours a week. I have no recent experience, not really got a reference. Qualifications are all years old. I currently volunteer in my DCs school for 1 hour a week. My college course was for a TA.

Has anyone successfully got a job being ill and after so many years off? I hate to think that this will be my life. It wasn't so bad when I had a child at home but they are both at school now. But I'm not even sure I could hold a job down, but we can't manage on DH's wage alone really. Grr. Hate being in this position.

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