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Synesthesia and pain

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broccoliflowers Fri 08-Jul-16 19:09:11

Does anyone else have this?

I worked out many years ago I have synesthesia.

I go through phases where I feel pain down my legs and around my back when I see someone else getting hurt. It's been a lot worse recently. To the point I can't really cope at times.

I feel physically battered after two days working with the special needs children I teach, due to all the emotions. Then dealing with my lovely and exuberant 3.5 son. But when he stubs his toe or hurts his knee I get shooting pains down my legs. It remains tingly too.

He's energetic so it's a lot.

Anyone else? Any tips? It's not mirror synesthesia.

(I know this is weird!)

Dozer Fri 08-Jul-16 19:13:25

My mum is disabled and has this!

broccoliflowers Fri 08-Jul-16 19:18:46

Sorry to hear that dozer.

It's like I have an overactive nerve/ empathy system.

Dozer Sat 09-Jul-16 09:43:44

Do you have back problems? You might want to get checked out, eg in case it's related to pressure on your nerves for example. It must be very hard thing to have with your particular job.

There's a UK academic (leeds university perhaps?) who has written and been on the radio about this, and I think also a synasthesia not for profit group.

broccoliflowers Sat 09-Jul-16 12:15:22

Actually I do Dozer, linked to hypermobility. But how would that be linked to reactions to others bumping their foot for example? Extra sensitive nerves?

NigellasGuest Sat 09-Jul-16 12:21:40

How interesting! I'm afraid I can't help you but I do have synesthaesia of the colour kind - when numbers, letters, days of the week, names etc. are coloured. I also feel Time in a "different" way. All my DDs are the same.

Thinking about it, I DO understand what you're talking about. I think I get the pain thing too but in a milder form. A bit like the screechy noise of nails down a blackboard making you physically feel all your nerves going - but on a more intense and empathic level?

Hamsolo Sat 09-Jul-16 12:24:13

I do get something like this, though I feel it in the back of my knees and would call it extremely unpleasant but not painful. I don't have synaesthesia though. I assume it's some kind of sympathy pain?

NigellasGuest Sat 09-Jul-16 12:31:05

OP - have you tried "grounding" yourself regularly? Through meditation or relaxation, connecting with your inner self? Sorry to sound woolly. Something like that, to give yourself protection from the onslaught of strong feelings/emotions to which you are exposed on a daily basis.

NigellasGuest Sat 09-Jul-16 12:32:10

PS - what's mirror synaesthesia?

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