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Intermittent bleeding, pain... Terrified.

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ParisGellar Fri 08-Jul-16 12:07:33

I've had some bleeding after sex, and about 7 period like bleeds in 2 months. I've had the implant in for nearly a year and never had any bleeding with it before. I'm just about too young for a smear but I had a baby last year so my cervix has been through changes. I'm terrified it's going to be something sinister. Is there any other causes of intermittent bleeding? Can anyone give me some reassurance or anything? I've got a GP appointment next Wednesday.

mumof2kiddos Fri 08-Jul-16 12:25:38

Can it be a polyp? Or a fibroid? In any case please get an USG (transvaginal) one done asap to get to the cause. If its either of these, then I should assure you that while they are quite nuisance at times, they are not sinister by any means (in vast majority of the cases).

My fibroid diagonisis started with this mid cycle bleeding which then became full cycle bleeding with the heaviest bleeding which I had never seen! Currently under treatment and things are a bit less dramatic these days.

Hope you get better soon.

ParisGellar Fri 08-Jul-16 12:34:02

I'm not sure, can they develop quickly? I last had an ultrasound about a year ago and nothing was seen. I've not really got a cycle atm thanks to the implant, I was period free from Aug-April, just these weird bleeds started at the end of April. How did you come about the referral for ultrasound? Thank you.

ParisGellar Fri 08-Jul-16 13:12:31

Unashamedly bumping this.

Deadnettle Fri 08-Jul-16 13:51:44

Hi op, I had two ultrasounds roughly a year apart and had no fibroids on the first but did on the second so it is possible.

Last year I had some bleeding after sex and was referred very quickly incase it was cancer. It wasn't. The bleeding was caused by the pill I was taking even though I had been on it for over a year before I started bleeding after sex.

It could be your implant causing it.

mumof2kiddos Fri 08-Jul-16 14:09:38

Hi OP, you need to ask your GP to get an appointment for scan. Also ask for a gynae referral from the GP. They might try to fob you off but you have to insist.

ParisGellar Fri 08-Jul-16 16:51:40

Thank you, I will ask for a referral. The GP I'm seeing is lovely and will hopefully be helpful. I'm worried she won't take me seriously ask I'm under 25 but hopefully she will. Last time I had a scan I was 39 weeks pg which may have obscured any sneaky fibroids. I can't understand why a year on the implant would suddenly start playing up! :-(

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