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Is this a prolapse? What is normal down there?

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hollingbury Thu 07-Jul-16 11:35:58

I've been skipping in a new exercise regime - which is quite a bit harder than my previous class - and leaked. I had a mild prolapse after son was born, 5 years ago. I went back to doctor and she said I've got 'weakened vaginal walls' but it isn't terrible. She referred me to physio, but there's a 4 month waiting list, and gave me pelvic floor exercises to do in the meanwhile.

Is this a prolapse? And - sorry, graphic - if you look into your vagina, should you not see anything? I see a protusion but it doesn't come out.

I don't want to make it worse with exercise but I love working out


GloGirl Fri 08-Jul-16 11:05:57

Sounds like you might have a mild cystocele? Have a Google image search after a strong gin!

With effective physio a mild prolapse should resolve itself after pelvic floor exercises. You could try pilates in the meantime and download the NHS squeezy app to remind you to do your exercises numerous times a day.

In 4 months time you'll probably already have a big improvement. I personally would probably avoid high impact sport like skipping or jumping they're not supposed to be god on your pelvic floor. Just until you can see your physio and talk over exercise plans.

hollingbury Fri 08-Jul-16 12:34:16

Hi, yes I think this is it! A mild cystocele. I've got an appointment on Monday. Thanks

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