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Sick at Night, Fine during the day

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SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 16:11:21

For the last three nights, I have been throwing up for a couple of hours, starting around 1 or 2am each night.

Even though I am very sick at night, I feel fine, during the day and evening.

I rang NHS Direct for advice and they said it might be :-

(Very unlikely as we use condom properly every time and I am demand breastfeeding my child day and night, hence no periods/ovulation so far)

OR 2.Stomach Bug
(Is this likely just for two hours a night and feeling fine the other 22 hours)

Just wondered if anyone had been ill like this and how did you stop it ?

Will it go away on it's own. I am dreading going to bed tonight

ledodgy Tue 23-Jan-07 16:19:05

I wonder if you have an inner ear infection or the like which makes you nausious when you lie down?

ledodgy Tue 23-Jan-07 16:26:03


SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 16:26:30

It is not just feeling sick, I am vomiting.

And my ears don't hurt

ledodgy Tue 23-Jan-07 16:27:47

Your ears won't hurt with an inner ear infection but at certain times you will feel dizzy and nauseous due to the balance being messed up. Do you feel dizzy when you are feeling sick?

SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 16:35:02

No dizzyness at all.

If it is a ear infection/stomach bug will it cure itself ? The NHS Direct bloke said I couldn't get any anti-sick pills as I am breastfeeding ?

ledodgy Tue 23-Jan-07 16:55:20

I'd go to your gp and get checked out.

SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 17:02:42

Long story but I am not registered at the local GP at my current temp addess and the local doctors won't see me even on a temp residance basis (According to the 'not my job' docotor's Receptionist)

The other two doctors I rang won't see me on a temp basis, as I need to use the closest doctor to my temp address.

The first doctor receptionist did suggest I go to A&E, but I felt it was a bit minor thing to go to them with and it would take a couple of hours to walk there (As I have no money or transport).

Think I'll just wait it out a couple more days, luckily I feel fine in the day just a tad tired. Hopefully I will be alright tonight.

FioFio Tue 23-Jan-07 17:04:40

Message withdrawn

ledodgy Tue 23-Jan-07 17:08:53

OOh Congratulations Fio!

SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 17:10:36

I CAN'T be pregnant, I have a five month old baby

I might ask my DH to get me a test on his way home from work, just in case

FioFio, Just being cheeky asking I know but did you have an accident with the condoms or did you fall pregnant whilst using them with no idea that they had failed ?

I thought condoms were 100% effective if used properly.

NotAnOtter Tue 23-Jan-07 17:17:51

wow congrats Fio - sorry sickycick!

TrinityRhino Tue 23-Jan-07 17:19:33

condoms are %98 percent effective when used correctly

FioFio Tue 23-Jan-07 17:20:29

Message withdrawn

FioFio Tue 23-Jan-07 17:22:44

Message withdrawn

SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 17:28:40

Congratulations FioFio. Glad everything worked out for you

I thought the 98% effectiveness of condoms took into account them not being used properly sometimes, oh well

Well DH has been called and he is going to call by a chemist on his way home to buy a pregnancy test.

He thinks it is all very funny and has put a request in for twin girls !!!

I have no other symptoms and I have never heard of morning sickness being in the middle of the night only, so I think I am safe enough but this way I can rule out pregnancy for certain and I need to find a better form of contraception too.

ledodgy Tue 23-Jan-07 17:34:58

Just had another thought. Maybe your blood sugar is quite low at this time especially with you still bf this can make you feel sick, try eating a piece of fruit or something before you go to bed.

FioFio Tue 23-Jan-07 17:36:41

Message withdrawn

SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 17:40:36

Good idea's I will have a piece of fruit or dry toast before I go to bed tonight.

The NHS Direct bloke said to avoid milk for the time being.

SickySickySickSick Tue 23-Jan-07 18:38:55

Quick update - BFN on the pregnancy test, so it sounds like it is a stomach bug.

Wish me luck with not throwing up tonight.

SSSS hope you're not sick tonight.

Fio!!! This is the first I have seen of this! Have you posted elsewhere about it?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How you gonna explain this to DD?? LOL!


mears Wed 24-Jan-07 00:04:49

Could be reflux when lying down. If you can't get GP to see you, try Ranintidine (Zantac)tablets that you can getover the counter. Also sleep propped up with pillows.

Flamesparrow Wed 24-Jan-07 00:14:43

Quick hujacl for another & congrats to Fio.

Sicky - are you taking any medication (I am assuming not the pill, but anything else?). Some pills (birth mainly) make me sick within a certain time span after taking them, which makes sickness at the same time always.

SickySickySickSick Wed 24-Jan-07 09:30:09

I'm not on any meds.

The pharmacy told my husband that there was nothing he would recommend I take, as I'm breastfeeding.

But good news, last night I only FELT sick for a couple of hours I didn't actually throw up...hurrah

I had a snack before I went to bed last night and I propped myself up with pillows in bed

So hopefully I'm on the mend

SickySickySickSick Mon 29-Jan-07 12:05:17

I give up, I am STILL being sick.

Over the last 9 days, I have had 7 vommiting sessions and 2 sessions where I was desperate to vommit just so I can get some sleep.

I had a negative pregnancy test on Tuesday 23rd so I'm not up the duff.

I finally got past the local 'hilter' receptionists this morning to see a doctor. I explained nicely that I wasn't going to leave until I saw a doctor.

The doctor was very nice and has no suggestions for what is causing my sickness. Apparantly I have no serious illness symptoms (thanks goodness) and he poked and prodded me and took my blood pressure etc.

He suggested I wait another couple of days and come back to him Thursday.

I was down to only eating plain porridge oats but I have decided to go down to water only with the special salt/metals mix I got from the doctors just for the next 24 hours.

Not eating does not affect me throwing up, but dry heaves are less messy than vomit everywhere and I need to gasp at any positive straws at the moment.

I actually asked my husband to shoot me last night I felt so unwell. I felt sick between 5pm and 10pm, threw up between 10pm and midnight and felt sick between midnight and 4pm and I got up at 6am with the baby.

I can't keep on going like this

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