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Ds wound healed ok but now has a fluid filled sac. How Worrying?

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RosettaPebble Wed 06-Jul-16 19:54:06

Not sure if this is too minor to bother a doctor so I'm hoping you lot can give me some advice.

DS had a heck of fall on the tennis courts at school at the end of May. He took all the skin off his elbow. It was a spectacular graze, very deep. I thought I had managed to get all the debris out, I wasn't 100% sure but with dressings changed every day it healed nicely and seemed OK. But over the past few days it looks as though the injury site has blistered and it has become a large fluid filled sac now.

It is red in colour but this is localised. It's not particularly hot and although it is uncomfortable, the pain is solely to the affected area, no pain in the joint itself iyswim.

He is due to go to Wimbledon tomorrow and he is really looking forward to it. What if anything can I do to treat this at home so he can go on his trip? Would it be an over reaction to take him to the doctor on Friday?

Aquamarine70 Thu 07-Jul-16 02:36:11

I would get it looked out. Not sure if it could be a haemotomia.

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