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I'm worried about my memory and scattiness

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Whirliwig72 Wed 06-Jul-16 12:30:22

I'm in tears right now because I've lost my wallet - trouble is this is the third time in just over two weeks and I've other worrying things going on with my memory.
I'm 43 and it could just be middle aged memory loss, I've done dementia tests on line and I get a non Dementia result, but I feel things are declining noticeably.
I'm often forgetful, can't remember why I'm in a room I've walked into, can't remember the names of friends children etc. I leave the oven on, left my key in the car ignition the other day. My conversation skills are also markedly sluggish. My brain can't keep up and I forget the names of tv programmes / bands I like that sort of thing when I'm taking with other adults. I am a SAHM to two ASD children so I'm a bit stressed sometimes but sleep is ok.
Should I see a doctor?

Whirliwig72 Wed 06-Jul-16 12:32:57

Just to say I do try and keep my mind active doing crafts and singing but I don't do cerebral activity like scrabble or mind ap stuff.

Whirliwig72 Wed 06-Jul-16 12:40:53

I'm going back to work (as a volunteer) in September and I'm terrified I'm not going to be up to it mentally 😞

daisydalrymple Wed 06-Jul-16 12:46:15

I'd book an apt with your GP just to talk things over. It's likely to be life / stress but best to talk to your GP incase there's anything else going on that could be easily rectified.

Beammeup11 Wed 06-Jul-16 12:49:24

It could be something simple like an iron deficiency. Lots of us middle age woman feel the same. I know I feel very sluggish when I am anaemic.

Whirliwig72 Wed 06-Jul-16 12:57:50

Thank you both that's really reassuring. Laughing at the irony as I just went to try and book a Dr spot online and I couldn't remember my log -on details 😂

noblegiraffe Wed 06-Jul-16 12:58:00

You need to see the doc who can do some proper tests to see if you are actually more forgetful than you should be for your age.

If you are, it isn't necessarily what you think it is either, and could possibly be easily fixed, so worth seeing the doc.

FoggyMorn Wed 06-Jul-16 13:22:04

Some suggestions for causes of "brain fog" (google that term!).

Iron deficiency, B12, vit D deficiency, lack of sleep, side effects from medications, effects of metabolic disorder (ie high blood sugar, unstable blood sugar).

How's your health, generally? Lots of thing can affect your guts ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, and lots of conditions can certainly impact on your sleep patterns, your alertness- all can impact on your memory.

Also you seem quite anxious about dementia, and that it's self probably makes you notice perfectly normal small memory lapses.

Whirliwig72 Wed 06-Jul-16 14:15:03

Health is generally great - I've lost about 2 stone lately - I've half a stone to go to be in the good BMI. I walk a bit but I don't do anything more strenuous which I should I know 😀. I'm doing the fast diet 3 days out of 7 and I wonder if that might be having an impact?

originalmavis Wed 06-Jul-16 14:17:19

Sounds like stress. I'm like a headless chicken when I'm trying to juggle too many balls.

Tanfastic Wed 06-Jul-16 15:09:39

I second stress. I'm the same age as you and have similar problems. I just assumed it was my age and because I've always got a million things on my mind.

If your worried though see your GP to put your mind at rest.

Youvegottobekidding Fri 08-Jul-16 11:25:39

Ive been a bit like this lately. At first it was funny, then it was shocking & now it's scary. I went to work the other week, as normal. I walked in, didn't see anyone, then looked around & they were all sat at the other end - it was a meeting, that I missed, I'd totally forgotten about it & I'd only been reminded the day before! Anyway, I'm 43 too, I think it's just likely stress & tiredness.

MEgirl Sun 10-Jul-16 10:12:41

That was me a few years ago. 3 kids, international move, worry about DH's job, multiple deaths in the family etc. sometimes I didn't know if I was coming or going. I was really worried I had some sort of dementia. I was forgetful, stammered a lot, irritable. I'm coming out of the fog now. I still get the odd moment of "what was just thinking about" or forgetting to do something for someone. Stress and lack of sleep have been huge factors. It does get getter eventually.

mirren3 Sun 10-Jul-16 10:49:33

I started going through the menopause at your age and my memory was shocking, I had to stick everything I needed to do in my phone so I had a reminder. Only trouble was if I deleted the reminder I'd forget to do what I was supposed to be doing.
Hopefully you're not going through the menopause, but it's another box ticked if you are. My GP actually said it's a bit like baby brain!!

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