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irritation and thrush after using sponge soft tampons

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4inchheels Mon 04-Jul-16 16:30:29

I recently started using Gynotex tampons for sex when I'm on my period. Initially DP used a condom and all was fine. I have Mirena for contraception, so was OK to use a soft tampon without a condom. Normally, I change back to a normal Tampax after sex but on 2 occasions last week, I slept with the sponge inside me after DH had ejaculated. Now I have a bad case of thrush (might be worse - slight seaweedy (not quite fishy) and runny clear discharge. Canestan is not shifting it. Any advice?

Minime85 Mon 04-Jul-16 17:09:46

BV? I have to shower after sex or get thrush and/or cystitis. Could be the reason for it. I'd visit gum clinic or GP. Might need pessary.

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