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Nocturnal seizures

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millicentfriendly Thu 30-Jun-16 20:21:10

My DP (age 41) has had 3 nocturnal tonic clonic seizures since January. He has had an EEG and MRI and it looks as if they are related to a benign brain condition.

The first time I woke up and found him next to me in the full throes of a seizure I called an ambulance. I kept it together but frankly it was pretty terrifying as I had never seen a seizure before.

The second time he was away and I only found out about it afterwards. On that occasion he bit his tongue severely and had to have it patched up in hospital.

The last seizure was early one morning this week. They seem to be related to times of stress and broken sleep -- I had warned him not to mess with his sleep but he was under pressure from work and had to stay up late. The seizure seemed shorter than before and I stayed calm and as things go it wasn't too awful. At least that's how I felt at the time.

However two days later I wonder if I will ever get used to the awfulness of seeing him fitting and not being able to do anything. I keep having flashbacks to the weird awful desperate sounds he makes when he is in the midst of a fit. I can't help feeling freaked that for those few minutes, he cannot hear or feel me, even though I'm right there beside him trying to comfort him. There are other things, like the fact that for the hour or so afterwards his memory is patchy -- he won't remember talking to me after the seizure or going to the bathroom -- he's in this sort of twilight zone.

I wonder if anyone else has dealt with a similar situation and whether it gets easier over time?

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