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Asthma flare up

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AbsolutelyIDo Wed 29-Jun-16 19:54:14

Just looking for some advice as not sure if I am panicking unnecessarily. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and can feel my asthma flaring up. My chest is tight and I feel on edge (I can't think of a better way to describe this- it's like my heart is racing except it isn't). I had a serious asthma attack at the same time in my last pregnancy and ended up in a&e and hospitalised for a week, so I'm more aware this time and obviously keen to avoid another attack. At what point does asthma become and emergency? If I'm just short of breath now and feeling tight chested do I wait it out or try and see someone tonight?

AbsolutelyIDo Fri 01-Jul-16 17:40:22

How embarrassing, another thread with no replies for me! Anyway, in case anyone comes across this after googling or something and needs advice- my doctor sent me to hospital for nebuliser and a course of steroids. So I wasn't being dramatic. He hammered home the importance of getting treatment for asthma rather than waiting for symptoms to worsen. Seems obvious when writing it down now, but it was a reminder I needed.

DottyGiraffe Fri 01-Jul-16 20:28:16

Glad you were sorted out - hope things are more settled now?

wfrances Sat 02-Jul-16 13:29:38

do you have a personal asthma plan, my is set out in green, amber ,red.
anything in red is emergency and i have to go to a&e /999.
anything in amber , if all measures listed to try don't work i have to see a gp asap.
i also have oral steroids ready to hand in case.
glad your feeling better.

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