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PIP Assessment - any advice?

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Comeonmommy Tue 28-Jun-16 13:17:51

I am off work with a disability and have applied for PIP. My assessment date has come through today for next Tuesday - don't mind telling you all I'm really nervous. I guess I just tell the truth and keep my fingers crossed but has anyone got any advice or can anyone share a bit of how the assessment might go? I suffer with anxiety and know I am going to stress and worry about this until I build it up to be something ridiculous so was hoping a bit of advice might calm me down. Thank you in advance xxx

MatildaTheCat Tue 28-Jun-16 20:55:38

Take someone with you if at all possible. They can chip in with answers if you miss something or misunderstand. Mostly the assessment is going through your application form. They will probably ask you about a typical day. Think up some concrete examples of everyday things that cause you pain or take much longer than they should. Also things you cannot do without assistance.

Be aware that they may watch you arrive, could ask how you got there and so on. So, asking you what you like watching on to could translate into, 'Can sit comfortably to watch a film for 2 hours.' So be detailed and specific. Do you have a copy of your application form so you can go over the questions and what you wrote?

If you feel you need to do write down key points you want to mention. It's very daunting but has to be done.

millymae Tue 28-Jun-16 22:24:02

Google PIP assessments - you'll find plenty of information as to the type of questions you'll be asked and how points are awarded. You definitely do need to be prepared as the way the questions are worded won't make it easy for you to score the points you need.

I am not suggesting that you lie but absolutely do NOT minimise how you are managing and do not put a brave face on things. If your condition is variable answer questions based on your worst days, not your best. You really do need to spell out as clearly as you can the things you are unable to do or can only do with difficulty, as unless you tell the assessor these he or she won't be able to record them.

As Matilda says take someone with you if at all possible for support and bear in mind that they may watch you arrive and how you manage whilst you are waiting. Do not be afraid to say things like I've bought someone with me because I am very anxious, forgetful, didn't feel able to make the journey on my own or whatever else might be appropriate. You need to use every opportunity you can to highlight why you are unable to work at the moment.

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