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A little bit scared

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inarmsofanangel Tue 28-Jun-16 12:24:19

Ok, I'm a bit worried right now.
I've had a large lump on my back for some years which is most probably a Lipoma, It's grown to over 3 inches diameter and looks pretty deep as it sticks out quite a lot.
I had an ultrasound on it last week. My mum kept on at me to go get it checked. The Dr who did the US said it looked like a lipoma but some parts were 'not as expected'.
now this morning I got a letter from my GP to make an appintment 'at my earliest convenience '. I made it and remarkably they have one tomorrow morning. (usually have to wait 2 weeks for one) Dr said it needs to come off anyway as it would just grow larger (before the ultrasound he said this)

Some hand holding or reassurance please! I haven't really anyone to talk with. I am recently separated with 3 children under 7 on my own and I don't know how on earth things will pan out if it's more than a lipoma.
I know it might be nothing at all but I am anxious. sad

triplets Thu 30-Jun-16 03:28:35

So sorry and I wish I could allay your fears, how did you get on? I hope its not as bad as you are thinking. I am awake because I too am worried sick, I have a mass in my abdomen, only saw my gp yesterday and have been fast tracked for tests, got an ultra sound already in the morning. So scared. Do hope you are ok. xx

dynevoran Fri 01-Jul-16 14:10:37

Hope you got on okay.

inarmsofanangel Fri 01-Jul-16 17:59:27

Hi triplets I have been fasttracked too. Lets sit together!! I'm waiting for hospital to call me.
My Gp said the scan showed an 'atypical' mass so will be referred to a sarcoma specialist. sad
How are you today? Keep me posted. xx

Thank you Dynevron.

dynevoran Fri 01-Jul-16 20:28:10

Oh inarms that sounds stressful how is your exdp with the kids? Is he v hands on and a reassurance that he can have them while you have a bit of time to process your worries? I know i get snappish when i need some thinking time. And triplets i hope it went well and they can give you some reassurance as well? Thinking of you both.

Having a bit of a health scare myself and suffering badly from anxiety and its just awful waiting for results. I cant seperate my physical symptoms from the anxiety and which causes which but had a chest x ray today and bloods to try and rule things out.

inarmsofanangel Fri 01-Jul-16 20:51:53

Thank you Dyneveron, Well he isn't super hands on but he has offered to come over and look after them should I have to go in. I have my mum around also so just hoping it won't be too bad. My main worry obviously is them and keeping them settled.

Sorry to hear you are also in this stressful situation. The waiting is just horrible isn't it?
I have been feeling so exhausted past few weeks and I don't know how to separate either. I hope your bloods come back ok. Is it pulmonary related then? (sorry you don't have to say)

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Fri 01-Jul-16 22:05:05

Hand hold here! But different but I went to gp today with some symptoms and came away fast tracked for bloods and a scan. Sure it's nothing but it's def set my mind worrying

triplets Sat 02-Jul-16 01:34:18

Hi ladies, poor ussad So much worry around. Well went for the ultrasound yesterday and she said it looks like a cyst as its filled with fluid, cant tell me what its attached to o if its benign. She faxed the results to my gp who phoned me immediately , she confirmed it and then told me the size....20x18cms!! So now I feel really awful as its like an alien sitting there and I want it out!! The hospital phoned today and they have given me an appointment to see a consultant on July 13th. Hope everyone else is hanging on in there! xx

inarmsofanangel Sat 02-Jul-16 11:20:17

Morning! Glad you have got an appointment triplets. Has this lump grown rapidly? Keep us all posted and you Dynevron.
Imno, welcome to the fast track thread!! Hope yours goes ok, when is your appointment?

flowers everyone

dynevoran Sat 02-Jul-16 15:05:01

triplets it must be hard to hand on til 13th. But id like to think if they were v worried they would do it sooner?

Mine is that i have been breathless and tight chested recently and very tired as well. Like all of you am hoping isn't serious but after my dad died suddenly last year my ability to rationalise these things has escaped me and am feeling v anxious and not coping well. And then obviously wondering if anxiety is causing or exacerbating how i physically feel. Hoping that i can rule the real nasties out and focus on some bereavement counselling and CBT and getting healthier again.

dynevoran Sat 02-Jul-16 15:06:42

imnot when is your appointment. Hope everyone is managing to put things to the back of their mind and enjoy their weekend.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sat 02-Jul-16 16:23:45

Hi! I need to do a catch up and see who is who so shall aim to get that done later smile

App is within the next two weeks that's all I know sad doc said the hospital will call me within 2 working days and that was Friday so I guess tue - wed I'll know!

triplets Sat 02-Jul-16 23:16:47

Hi are you all coping? I have been keeping myself busy which helps, but just feel so uncomfortable, this thing pressing on me. Hate the thought of it. I am such a worrier, always thinking the worst, trying not to google too much etc! I know exactly how you feel dynevoran......I lost my son in 1994 when he was 14, I could cry for him every day........also my husband was diagnosed with bowel/liver cancer in 2008, still here but now also diagnosed with Parkinsons. You would think we had had our fair share of worries! x

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 03-Jul-16 14:37:21

Sorry to hear about your son Triplets and the health problems of DH sad

I'm having a pants day where I'm in tonnes of pain, close to tears because I'm worrying it's something bad rather than just ignoring it like I usually do blush

inarmsofanangel Sun 03-Jul-16 21:55:47

Sorry to hear your stories too both. I can imagine that must be a heavy weight to bear and make you more worried.
I hope you get sorted soon imnotacel. I guess they ruled out Pulmonary embolism ect? Do you think you should go back? 2 weeks seems a long time if you are in a lot of pain.
How was your weekend Dynervron?
I've still not heard from fast track so now it'll be a week Wednesday! I'll have to call GP in the morning. So much for 48 hrs!

inarmsofanangel Sun 03-Jul-16 21:58:06

sad triplets, why is that EVERYTHING has to happen to the same few? flowers Do you have any support? x

dynevoran Sun 03-Jul-16 23:25:09

Oh triplets im so sorry that you lost your son. flowers I can't even imagine. And for your poor DH to have been through and going through so much as well. It is so much for one family to cope with. sad Fingers crossed for you. Do you have anything that can help to occupy you until 13th?

imnot sorry you've been in so much pain today. Can they give you any painkillers in the meantime so you can not have to think about it all the time and can push to the back of your mind for the few days until you have some dates or some news?

inarms that is so frustrating that you gear yourself up for something and it doesn't happen. Def call in the morning and try as much as possible to get it sped up. Don't worry about seeming pushy you need to get some answers sooner so you can either deal with it and have treatment or can start to relax and stop worrying.

I feel a bit better this weekend simply due to not just worrying in one corner of my mind and feeling like i am taking steps to get diagnosed. It is awful how grief takes you from the naive child like state of "that wont happen to me" to "that will definitely happen to me". Neither is right but i know which is more enjoyable state to be in.

inarmsofanangel Mon 04-Jul-16 10:03:09

I've rung this morning and told to ring different numbers. eventually got hold of Bristol sarcoma unit (where apparently I've been referred) am I'm not even registered yet. They said i will probably be discussed at the next MDT meeting and should hear by 13th. I'm fed up already.
Why do they tell you this? Feeling stressed x

inarmsofanangel Mon 04-Jul-16 10:04:32

dyneveron - I'm, like you going through all sorts of different emotions. Denial, disbelief, worry ect sad
It's horrid at this part of the journey.

triplets Tue 05-Jul-16 07:13:46

Hi girls........hadn't heard about the blood test which was really worrying me so plucked up the courage and rang and its all clear, no cancer markers showing! The relief, my mind was running away with me.......well you all know. So looks like its a benign cyst, its very uncomfortable because of the size, so hopefully after the consultation on the 13th I will soon get it removed. I do hope you all soon get some good news too, its the agony of waiting for results. I felt such a wimp when I think of all the horrible times my dh has been given bad news, never ever has he shown he is scared. Keep busy, it helps..........much love to you all. xx

dynevoran Tue 05-Jul-16 10:30:49

triplets im so delighted for you. Its not wrong for you to show you were scared. It is better than internalising it for most people. But it isn't also a bad thing to have that increased love and respect for your dh for being so strong as well. It is nice to see new amazing things about your family even when you've known them forever.

inarms that is a horrible wait. Is that next Wednesday? Triplets is right we just have to keep busy. As hard as it is. What is your week looking like? Do you work full time? Is it an enjoyable job you can throw yourself into? I have a smallish one and self employed so not working load . Last night watched 5 episodes of orange is the new black yo take my mind off things....and it helps to see people in worse situations than ourselves even if it is fiction!
Much love to all.

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