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Going for repair tomorrow

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mooshy Mon 22-Jan-07 10:23:32

Am just getting myself nicely worked up for tomorrow.I`m having a pretty bad rectocele repaired (sort of a posterior repair )
I had the same thing dome about 10 years ago but also had refashioning at the same time-so its not like i dont know what I`m in for ! However it was 10 years ago and i cant remember geiing this worked up last time.Anyone else had this sort of surgery recently ? I am so going to miss my children

flourybaps Tue 03-Feb-09 20:18:02

Hi found this thread after searching on rectocele. I have to have a posterior repair and repair of rectocele at the end of the month. Just thought we could share our experiences, I know there is the fab sphincter injury thread but that problem seems bit different to mine.

Anyway, how did you get on with your surgery,hope your ok and any info on what to expect would be appreciated.

flourybaps Tue 03-Feb-09 20:18:48

bloody hell, have just realised this is 2 years old! Ignore me please............

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