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Migraine related anxiety

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mouldycheesefan Mon 27-Jun-16 12:03:10

Hi, I suffer with migraine take various meds for prevention, but still get migraines sometimes, and have various treatments for when they do occur which are generally effective bit still involve lying in the dark for hours with freeze packs on head. Generally find they come in bouts. Woke up today at 3.30am with headache, was supposed to leave house at 6.50 am to travel to a work meeting in another town. I haven't been able to go as I was too worried about thr head ache turning into a migraine and me being stuck at work in another town struggling to get back and I'll in the office. I work from home normally. I took zolmitriptan, went back to bed and by 10.30am the headache had receded and not turned into a migraine. I know that counts as a success but I feel bad for not going to the office I was supposed to be at today. I have missed 1 day work only this year due to migraine and 1 day last year so not too bad.
However, I am becoming increasingly anxious about going to our various offices in case I get a migraine when there and am stuck and not able to travel back etc. The anxiety is it itself a trigger for migraine so catch 22.
Anyone in simliar position?
Is it worth me getting referal to neuro consultant? I have private medical and it would be easy enough but my GP says that as the migraines do respond to meds he counts that as beiNg managed and th th first thin the consultant would do would be to take me off all mes and g o back to square one, I find that frightening.
Any advice?

spookyelectric Tue 28-Jun-16 12:18:10

I don't know what meds you take but some of the preventer meds can also be used as anti anxiety meds (propanalol, amitryptiline etc) and might be worth considering. There is no harm in seeing a neuro privately for a second opinion. I have found that specialists often have a "pet" favourite drug or treatment. My neuro was very keen on occipital nerve blocks (which didn't really work for me and made me very ill for a week or two after) and my friend saw a specialist who always used gabapentin over all the other possible meds. The GP is guided by what the specialist advises.

When my migraine recedes I feel very tired and woozy headed with ear pressure disturbances that affect my balance so I can be knocked out for a few days perhaps you experience additional symptoms too. This makes me really anxious about travelling alone. - I do understand. You seem to cope brilliantly with only 1 days absence due to migraine -- perhaps some CBT to rationalise your fears would help or developing a plan.

I give myself permission to leave an event or appointment if I feel ill. I always travel with plenty of credit so that I can get a taxi, book a hotel room, can rest up at a friend's etc if it gets too bad.

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