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Doctor won't listen to me

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razzlematazzle Mon 27-Jun-16 10:21:35

I posted on here a few weeks back now after experiencing dreadful body aches and cramps for a number of weeks, along with nausea. I've also been having motion sickness and ringing in my ears on and off.

I've had all of the blood tests done and my vitamin D has come out at 51, which is adequate but still slightly low. I've been given tablets even though the doctor doesn't think that it's the cause of my symptoms!

Apparently my ear is full of wax, so I asked if it could possibly be labyrinthitis to which he said, possibly but it wouldn't explain the aches and pains.

The aches and pains are largely in my joints and I'm genuinely struggling to get around (climbing stairs etc) and they are waking me up during the night... particularly pain in my knees.

After visiting the Dr 6 times in 6 weeks with the same symptoms, he has concluded that I must be feeling stressed and anxious and that it's causing the aches and pains in my joints. I feel furious as I don't feel stressed or anxious about anything other than these horrible aches, pains and sickness. He says there's possibly something going on in my inner ear which explains the vertigo/sickness feeling but that the rest is a product of stress!

He's signed me off work for 2 weeks and I intend on taking it easy to see if it is 'stress' related. I'm not convinced however.
My question is: if all my blood results are clear and these symptoms continue, what is my doctors next course of action? I feel like I'm banging at a brick wall at the moment and nobody's listening to me. It seems hes reluctant to consider anything other than stress.

TeaStory Mon 27-Jun-16 10:23:02

Ask for a referral to a rheumatologist - it could be ME/CFS or fibromyalgia.

lougle Mon 27-Jun-16 10:37:00

Why have you visited the GP 6 times in 6 weeks with the same symptoms?

Maybenot321 Mon 27-Jun-16 11:00:58

Teastory's advice is good, also what about an ENT referral?
Could you tell us which blood tests your GP has done?
The symptoms of thyroid disorders are often weird & wonderful(confused; as are B12 deficiency.
I would ask the GP receptionist for a copy of your bloods.
The cynical part of me thinks women are far too quickly labelled stressed and neurotic by their GP, when often it is an undiagnosed physical illness.
Could you see another GP in the practice?

razzlematazzle Mon 27-Jun-16 13:09:10

What does ENT stand for? I think pushing for a referral is going to be really hard as my doctor has seemingly translated my numerous visits to me having an anxiety disorder rather than there being a genuine physical issue that won't go away! How do I push for a referral? Do doctors have to oblige by the patient's request for a referral? I'm thinking about leaving it for 2 weeks and taking the vit D then going back if the cramps are still there and trying again to get him to make some form of referral. I will request a copy of my blood results too. I had 2 lots of blood tests done: they tested a range of vit deficiencies, thyroid, inflammation, cbc, full liver tests etc etc. The doctor says that is they're all ok, then all is ok! My albimum was low the first time I was tested... 33. They retested again and it was 39 so they've said the first result was likely incorrect. Makes me wonder how reliable these results actually are if that is the case?

Maybenot321 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:21:36

ENT-ear nose and throat .
Sometimes the thyroid results have a very wide range of "what is normal" IFYSWIM.
See how you feel after taking the vitamin D but if no better, then ask the GP please could you refer me for a specialist opinion? Good luck

Pleasemrstweedie Mon 27-Jun-16 13:26:20

Never believe a doctor who tells you all your results are OK. There is a reference range yes, but it is where you fall within that reference range that defines whether you are OK/optimal or not.

Yes to getting a copy of your results. If you post them, there are a few of us who can interpret and signpost.

razzlematazzle Mon 27-Jun-16 14:55:39

Great, I'll get a copy of them and post them when I can. It may be tomorrow when I post them if I can't get to the doctors before the end of the day.

Maybenot321 Mon 27-Jun-16 15:10:14

Be prepared for the "why do you need them?" reception question.
A. "For my records"😀

Davinaaddict Tue 28-Jun-16 21:19:45

If it is the vit D, you might not feel the effects ease after 2 weeks. I'm on week 6 and am only just starting to see a decrease in my symptoms, but I was very low and have seen that it can take 2-3 months to recover from a deficiency. With yours being much higher though, you may bounce back quicker than me. Good luck.

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