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I look like the elephant man !

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Howlongtillbedtime Sun 26-Jun-16 13:51:02

I woke up yesterday with half of my face swollen and a niggly toothache . I went to the emergency dentist who gave me two types of antibiotics to take . I already had many painkillers as I have a damaged rotator cuff , this is why I think I am in a lot less pain than my face suggests I should be in .

I have woken up today and it is even worse , my eye isn't quite closed with the swelling but it looks grim and I feel knackered .

Any idea how long I am going to scare people for ? I actually don't want to leave the house .

Also if anyone knows anything about osteomyalitis that would be helpful too .

Otherwise a gentle pat on the back would be appreciated .

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 26-Jun-16 14:54:45

And i can't even have a medicinal wine because of the evil antibiotics sad

And i am all alone in the house so I am bored !

ApocalypseSlough Sun 26-Jun-16 14:56:08

Ow and oh! That sounds so grim! Can you ease the pain with heat or cold? A bath and sleep?

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 26-Jun-16 14:59:42

Thank you , it's not really the pain that's bothering me it's the scary look and the worry that it could get even worse .

And i am really tired and bored and missing out on a nice day out with friends and pimms which is very annoying .

And i am boring myself with the the whinging grin

Maybenot321 Sun 26-Jun-16 16:55:58

practical things:
Hot salty mouthwashes ++, try to manipulate the facial swelling on the outside of your face to stimulate drainage.
Frozen peas wrapped in a thin teatowel for 60secs three times a day as a facial compress. Do NOT use heat.
Overnight, prop up/ elevate on plenty of pillows, Don't sleep flat-the swelling will increase.
Regular pain relief.
Signs of facial cellulitis to worry about needing an urgent A&E trip:
Increasing body temperature/fever
Difficulty swallowing and breathing
Racing pulse
Increasingly limited mouth opening
Tracking Swelling -in the upper jaw-closing/closed eye or in the lower jaw-swelling tracking to the midline of neck.
PS, swelling in the floor of the mouth is an immediate A&E trip- this shouldn't be pertinent to your swelling.

The swelling should start to decrease 24-48hrs after starting on oral antibiotics, you're probably on metronidazole +amoxicillin? Is the swelling under your eye going down since you've got up? If so that's a good sign.
May be worth ringing your own dentist first thing in the morning. The swelling may have localized then, and incision & drainage +/- extraction might be an option.
Look after yourself and go to A+E if symptoms of facial cellulitis as above.

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 26-Jun-16 18:27:58

Thank you that's really helpful . The swelling seemed to get worse this morning but it has gone down a little in the last couple of hours so fingers crossed .

Yes to those two antibiotics , i have come back to bed now , i feel really tired and tearful ( bit pathetic )

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