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Post c-section

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user1466884222 Sat 25-Jun-16 21:14:23

This is my first post, not really quite sure how it works yet but hopefully I'll get some help. smile
I had a c-section 2 months ago with my first child, and I've had two infections since with two lots of antibiotics (womb infec we think). I had sickness and diarrhea during the infections, had my first period, and since my period has finished ive developed soft stools (which have turned into diarrhea again). Im having backache, lethargy, and cramps before having to run to the toilet after everytime I eat. I'm taking acidophilus but nothing seems to stop it. Im waiting for stool sample and blood results. Just wondering if anyone else had so many problems after their c sec? And felt so awful? Feel like I've got the flu/a hangover I'm so achy and tired. Its resulting in me spending less time with my baby and leaning on other people to help out.
Any experiences will be great to hear.


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