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Threadworm treatment

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Luna7993 Sat 25-Jun-16 07:53:24

So found wriggling threadworms on DD last week. Feel even worse that she had been running around naked all weekend around the house, scratching, and me not noticing sad So once we finally noticed I have been on a hygiene mission, cleaning sheets daily, hoovering, anti-bac everything etc.
We all took Ovex right away, and I'm wondering if its working properly? I found them wriggling on her bottom for a few days afterwards (she's still in nappies), then the past 2-3 days we've seen them only in her poos, but they appear dead. Haven't seen any around bum for a few days, but her bum is still red (maybe because of all the excessive wiping?) and she is still itching a bit. Are they still around??
When should we re-take another Ovex? This is grim..

melmo26 Sat 25-Jun-16 08:08:10

You have to take the oven exactly 2 weeks after the first dose and everyone in the house must take it too.
Bitter experience here

melmo26 Sat 25-Jun-16 08:08:54

Ovex not oven, bloody auto correct.

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