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Help, I'm mortified.

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Dani1992 Fri 24-Jun-16 20:42:50


May be completely overreacting but for the last week or so I've had a seriously itchy head. Ran a comb through and found a nit, I've since found 2 more. I'm absolutely mortified and feel so dirty! I've checked my sons hair and can't see anything.

But what is the best treatment to use? I need them gone asap.


HallowedMimic Fri 24-Jun-16 20:49:21


It suffocates them and destroys the eggs. You can be nit free in 15 minutes, they can't become immune to it.

It's like magic.

Tanfastic Fri 24-Jun-16 22:03:49

We've all been there, I second Hedrin. I'm sure I had them when my son was riddled in reception and I didn't notice confused. My head itched like mad but I couldn't see any on the comb. I used Hedrin on both of us.

2old2beamumandpastit Fri 24-Jun-16 22:19:22

Don't be embarrassed I was 69 when my 7 yr old DD (don't ask!) kindly shared her infestation with me....not DH he has no hair. Hedrin was excellent!
Good combing grin

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