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Boots Cold & Flu Defence has been withdrawn.

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Reapwhatyousow Thu 23-Jun-16 17:57:44

I use this product as a precaution and for me it works. I haven't had a cold in nearly 18 months and I used to get several a year that would wipe me out. I went to the local branch last week to be told it had been removed from the shelves just that morning. Ha! I thought and went to the next nearest branch; couldn't fault them, at least they were consistent as I was told the same. The closest I've come to a reason is "issues with the labelling" Anyone else? I've got a bottle of Vicks First Defence which I will use - but it is vile, smells strongly of Vicks which is not nice squirted up the nose, the pain at the back of my head was horrible. So, I hope Boots get this fixed asap and I will be watching and waiting.

MountainDweller Sat 25-Jun-16 00:58:39

What's in it? Can you buy the ingredients individually? Zinc works for me a a preventative - 15mg twice a day. I take vitamin C too but when I added the zinc it made a difference. And Potter's echinacea (liquid) if I feel like something might be starting.

Abbey918 Sat 02-Jul-16 06:20:49

I have the same issue I have used it for months. However I seen the Vicks one but also boots still do a cold defence spray just not cold and flu. I've used that started using on Tuesday but have woke up this morning Friday with a raging sore throat hope it isn't linked. If it's a label issue hopefully the cold and flu defence will be back. I swear by it

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sat 02-Jul-16 06:48:50

It's been withdrawn as its been ruled that they're not allowed to say that it's "proven to defend against co,d and flu".

I'm sure it will be back on the shelves soon with different labels.

Some other drugs have also had to be withdrawn.....ones which say "target back pain" and stuff like that. Because no painkiller targets a specific pain.

Reapwhatyousow Wed 03-Aug-16 13:34:54

The Boots prodcut has worked for me for 18 months. I am using Vicks but it's so unpleasant. It's so inconvenient. I have low resistance due to medication and this product (imo) has been a boost to my wellbeing. It will be back in September I'm told by their helpline.

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