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Bio-identicle HRT

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partymum Thu 23-Jun-16 12:45:53

Does anyone have any experience of Dr Mario Gluck and/or other HRT clinics ? I'm 51 and have Mirena coil to control endometrial overgrowth so I don't have any periods. Would like to consider HRT but I know I'm progesterone sensitive and so would like to minimise it. Trouble is as I have the coil I don't have any bleeding and so I can't tell where I am in my cycle. The blood tests to determine your hormone levels have to be done on a particular day of your cycle otherwise I don't know how they would interpret the results. I have emailed various clinics but they just say "don't worry about it, you can do the tests on any day" but I just wonder whether this can be true. I don't want to waste loads of money having inconclusive blood tests.

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