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Adult onset asthma

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PseudoBadger Wed 22-Jun-16 21:25:26

I'm 37 and have never had any respiratory issues. I've had hayfever on and off since about 23. My mum has asthma which is worse when she has a chest infection or cold.
I've had two colds since Easter and this time it went to my chest (10 days ago) after a few days of seeming to be ok. I have been coughing, but also feeling very breathless for the last 5 days or so. Just whilst having a conversation, sitting on the train, watching tv etc. It just comes on suddenly for a few seconds. I'm also so tired. I've been running and swimming as normal and apart from swimming today I haven't felt too bad during actual exercise. Having not suffered any hayfever symptoms this year so far, I feel over the last 2 days itchy eyes and the air feels 'thick'.
Could I have asthma triggered by hay fever? Is that even a thing? I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow night.

clarella Wed 22-Jun-16 21:45:04

Yes it is a thing, I developed it after a virus (and posted a question earlier this year asking if this could happen).

It's sort of a bit tricky to diagnose as breathlessness could be other things but worth seeing GP. My diagnosis was delayed as I had no immediate family with asthma. I don't get hay fever or allergies, just viruses. I was used to coughing for weeks and had become used to the breathlessness and fatigue at times.

The only thing to note in my recent experience is that asthma is managed by a practice asthma nurse at most gp surgeries and some gps therefore aren't up to current stuff. Asthma uk have been extremely helpful actually - you could give them a ring to discuss but especially to discuss treatment.

Basically if a blue inhaler improves your peak flow asthma is suspected but it should be treated with the lowest effective level of steroid (brown inhaler) so that you don't need to use the blue. My GP just gave me a blue to puff on when I had a cough (I'd had an epic one for 3 months including two courses of steroids) . After talking to asthma uk they said to see the asthma nurse for a proper assessment. She confirmed it by testing my peak flow before and after a blue. Then started a brown which worked after 2 weeks.

A Subsequent cough was difficult to deal with but I got through much better than usual due to the inhalers.

Good luck

CwtchMeQuick Wed 22-Jun-16 21:52:53

Yep it's definitely thing. Mine came on 2 years ago, triggered by hayfever and smoke machines in a nightclub blush I landed myself in hospital with it so definitely see the doctor sooner rather than later. I'm pretty much okay now, I know my triggers (hayfever, smoke machines, running in the cold) and as long as I do my best to avoid multiple triggers at the same time I'm pretty much okay.

PseudoBadger Wed 22-Jun-16 22:29:15

Thank you both for such generous, detailed posts. I may be jumping the gun but I just don't feel right; I've never felt like this before. Any idea what I should ask the doctor tomorrow? Do I ask to do a Peak Flow?

PseudoBadger Thu 23-Jun-16 18:59:37

Saw the GP tonight. Peak flow was 370 down to 350 but she said not to worry about the number, she wants to see if it drops after 3 blows?
Gave me a prescription for an auto inhaler and a peak flow meter and I'm to keep records over the weekend and go back on Monday.
Felt so bad at work and on the tube today, like someone sitting on my chest.

clarella Fri 24-Jun-16 09:48:15

Give asthma uk a ring to talk it through. What is the peak flow for your age? Though this can be tricky as can have a variable of quite a few points.

CwtchMeQuick Fri 24-Jun-16 10:28:40

Be careful with relying on peak flow, mine sits around 400 and doesn't drop even if I'm mid asthma attack. I think this seems quite a common occurrence so keep that in mind

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