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Swollen abdomen

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whatadrain Wed 22-Jun-16 19:24:34

I am a size 8 but my abdomen is persistently swollen to the point I look around 6-7 months pregnant. I am tired all the time, particularly after eating and constantly uncomfortable from my massive belly.

I mentioned this to my GP when I was there for something else and I've had to do a stool sample (tmi!) and go back in a week.

Is there anything I need to be looking out for or requesting from my GP?


whatadrain Wed 22-Jun-16 21:17:03

Anyone? sad

gobbin Wed 22-Jun-16 22:04:31

It could be so many things, unfortunately. I'd start by asking your GP what they are testing for at this stage, what they think it might be.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Wed 22-Jun-16 22:08:32

Agree it could be many things.

One thing Id be wanting ruled out is coeliac??

coffeeaddictedandfat Thu 23-Jun-16 05:56:04

ovarian cyst?

rosepetaltea Thu 23-Jun-16 06:34:29


Footle Thu 23-Jun-16 08:09:40

Liver problem ?

rugbychick Thu 23-Jun-16 08:15:34

I'd be thinking ovaries

Laselva Thu 23-Jun-16 08:24:01

Coeliac? Check out coeliaiac uk for a full list of symptoms.

Thymeout Thu 23-Jun-16 20:24:33

Ovarian cyst. Bowel problems are more common so it makes sense to rule these out. However, the symptoms of ovarian cysts are v similar and often get wrongly attributed to IBS etc.

If your stool sample comes back negative, ask your doctor whether you should have a Ca125 blood test and an ultrasound.

diddyd Thu 23-Jun-16 21:04:21

I have been to the doctors today for the very same reason. I would ask for a blood test - so they can rule things in or out. My doc has always been great in the past and oday he said blood test and sample are both required

Nobloodynamesleft Thu 23-Jun-16 21:11:32

I went to the house with this. I went for a ca125 blood test that afternoon, all clear. Then a few weeks later went for an ultrasound, all clear. Next I was supposed to go the digestive test route but the issue has generally gone away. Ive

Nobloodynamesleft Thu 23-Jun-16 21:13:50

Sorry...I've been dieting and lost weight so thought it may have been digestive. I was convinced it was linked to ovulation, always get the javelin up the bum pain.

Nobloodynamesleft Thu 23-Jun-16 21:14:19

*house?? Gp!

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